About Domestic Abuse

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If you believe someone you care about may not be safe in their home or their relationship, we encourage you to take a few minutes and Show You CARE.

Understanding Abuse


What Kind of Relationship is it?

All relationships fall somewhere on a spectrum from healthy to unhealthy to abusive. Not sure where yours falls? Review these characteristics.


What is Domestic Abuse?

There are many types of domestic abuse, and it can happen to people of all races, religions, cultures, and backgrounds. Learn the signs.


Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

Do any of these issues sound familiar? If so, SHALVA can help.


Profile of an Abuser:

Abusers can look like anyone: they can be of any background, age, race, gender, and culture. But there are common traits in how abusers act.


What is Emotional Abuse?

Emotional abuse is different from the emotional moments all couples face at one time or another. Find out why, and how to spot it.


When you Think Someone Needs Help

Are you concerned that someone you care about is in an abusive relationship? Here’s how to help, and what to avoid.

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Show You CARE - Videos

Videos featured throughout the Show You CARE interactive tool to review and share.


Finding the Right Words

When a friend is experiencing domestic abuse, it's hard to know what to say. These phrases can help.

For Rabbis and Congregations


10 Things Congregants Can Do

“In the Torah there can be no compromise on human dignity.” Find out what you and your congregation can do today to help end domestic abuse.


A Call to Action

Domestic abuse violates the cherished principles of Jewish tradition and law. Here’s what rabbis and cantors can do to lead your community.


What to do when a Woman Confides in You

Domestic abuse is not just a woman’s issue: it is a community issue, and Rabbis can play an important role in stopping it.

Local Resources


Social Service Agencies & Support Services

SHALVA is one of many community resources available for those in need. Please see the following for help with crisis, shelter, legal issues, financial issues, and sexual abuse.