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Get Support

If you or someone you know may be experiencing domestic abuse, SHALVA can help. Find the right option for you here, or get in touch.


Help Line

Our Help Line is available for you 24/7. Your call will be answered by one of our trained domestic violence specialists. You can be anonymous, and any information you give is confidential.

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SHALVA offers free, individualized, and confidential domestic abuse counseling services to the metropolitan Chicago Jewish community in a culturally-sensitive and caring environment.


First Visit

Connecting with a SHALVA counselor for the first time?
Here’s what to expect. We provide our current clients with legal information and support, financial assistance and much more.

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Help a Friend

Is a friend, colleague, or family member showing signs that they might not be safe in their relationship? Learn how to give them the support they need with our ten minute Upstander Interactive tool.

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Legal Services

Abusers often manipulate the court system to continue their pattern of power and control. Learn how the system works, and what support and resources are available.

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Orthodox Rabbinic Task Force

For community members seeking rabbinic guidance to understand domestic abuse or shalom bayit issues, as well as how to help others in unhealthy relationships.