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Mission Statement

SHALVA supports Jewish women experiencing and healing from domestic abuse, through counseling, supportive services, and community education.

Core Belief

Every woman has the right to be safe in her intimate partner relationship.

Guiding Principles

  • SHALVA is rooted in the following Jewish values:
    • Peaceful relations in one’s home and family
    • Taking action in the face of harm to others
  • SHALVA aims to provide the highest-quality client-centered services in a supportive environment;
  • SHALVA maintains the strictest level of safety and confidentiality;
  • SHALVA serves all clients with the utmost sensitivity to their religious observance and cultural practices;
  • SHALVA helps clients maintain and/or regain their dignity and sense of self;
  • SHALVA believes domestic abuse is a community issue;
  • SHALVA strives to create a culture that is positive, helpful, and respectful to all.