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Orthodox Rabbinic Task Force

To continue supporting the Orthodox community with the highest quality supportive services, SHALVA has developed an Orthodox Rabbinic Task Force, in partnership with a cross-section of 12 Chicagoland Orthodox rabbis. This resource is for community members seeking rabbinic guidance to understand domestic abuse or shalom bayit issues, as well as how to help others in unhealthy relationships. The participating rabbis have received in-depth training about domestic abuse.

To speak with any of our trained rabbis anonymously, call SHALVA at 773-583-HOPE(4673) for additional information. Task Force assistance can be coordinated with counseling services at SHALVA.

All conversations with SHALVA or any Task Force rabbis are strictly confidential.

The following rabbis have graciously agreed to serve on the Task Force:*

  • Rabbi Eliezer Dimarsky
  • Rabbi Zvi Engel
  • Rabbi Baruch Epstein
  • Rabbi Menachem Fine
  • Rabbi Shaanan Gelman
  • Rabbi Aaron Leibtag
  • Rabbi Yaakov Robinson
  • Rabbi Moshe Scheinberg
  • Rabbi Moshe Schmelczer
  • Rabbi Gershon Schaffel
  • Rabbi Efraim Twerski
  • Rabbi Zvi Zimmerman

*in formation

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