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SHALVA is an Illinois not-for-profit 501(c)3. We are the oldest independent, Jewish domestic abuse agency in the United States and have been instrumental in facilitating national and international dialogues on the specific needs of Jewish families experiencing domestic violence. SHALVA carries out its mission by providing counseling, supportive services and community education. Since 1986 we have strived to break the cycle of abuse.

SHALVA is the only Jewish agency in the Chicago metropolitan area specifically certified by the State of Illinois to provide domestic violence counseling. All SHALVA therapists are Illinois-Certified Domestic Violence Professionals (ICDVP) with masters’ degrees. SHALVA is sensitive to the unique religious and cultural issues many Jewish families face while also addressing the universal needs all abuse survivors must face.

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Each year, SHALVA volunteers and staff educate thousands of individuals about domestic violence in Jewish relationships. SHALVA trains rabbis, police officers, medical professionals, teachers, mental health professionals and community groups in order to increase awareness and knowledge about domestic abuse and promote advocacy around the issue.

SHALVA staff is available to meet with clergy and participates in the Safer Synagogue Program as well as many other collaborative efforts. SHALVA is an active member of the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence; The Network, Advocating Against Domestic Violence; Chicago Bar Association Domestic Relations Committee; Family Violence; Community Collaboration; the Jewish Professional Network; North Shore Alliance; North Suburban Service Council and Partnership for a Safer Lake County.