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Virtual Annual Luncheon

EVENT CHAIRS: Bluma Broner and Carolyn Winick


PLEASE JOIN US! Your participation will help the hundreds of domestic violence survivors who need SHALVA services.

Sheltering in place has made conditions ripe for abuse to escalate. Your support provides vital counseling, legal help and financial assistance during this challenging time and in the months to come.

Low tech to high tech

Gaslighting and technology abuse

The deadline for delivered lunch orders has passed. We can no longer process meal deliveries.

Online log-in and pre-event begins at 11:45 a.m CDT.

Link for virtual program to be sent week of event.


Director of Safety Net,
National Network to End Domestic Violence

For more than 12 years, Erica has advocated on behalf of survivors of gender-based violence by educating and advocating victim service providers, policymakers, and technology companies on issues of technology abuse, privacy and victim safety. Through the Safety Net Project, Erica works with private industry, state and federal agencies and international groups to improve safety and privacy for victims in this digital age. She regularly provides consultation to leading technology companies on the potential impact of technology design and reporting procedures on survivors of abuse.



Domestic Violence Survivor turned victim advocate

Ferial’s abuser utilized smart home technology as a weapon to stalk, harass and inflict emotional and mental distress over the span of several years. He was able to do all this remotely even from thousands of miles away with his smart phone.


To enhance your experience, view the 1944 classic film Gaslight.


Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Alison Bloom at 773-583-4673 or [email protected] for more information.


Helen Arkes
Gabriela Asrow
Leslie Berger
Jacqueline Bierig
Elyse Block
Greg Block
Lorena Blonsky
Andrew Bloom
Andrea Brown
Gail Brown
Nancy Chausow Shafer
Michael Craven
Rhonda Dubin
Sheryl Dworkin

Marla Forbes
Carol Gaines
Robin Goldberg
Amy Band Green
Debra Green
Steve Halpern
Jayne Hanauer
Ellen Hattenbach
Cathy Horwitz
Marla Jaffe
Amy Kaissar
Rachel Kaplan
Adam Kibort

Cheryl Krugel-Lee
Michele Levine
Judy Marcus
Andrea Muchin Leon
Debra Natenshon
Danielle Pearl
Andra Press
Linda Schiffman
Jan Schwartz
Bonnie Shay
Judith Shear
Laura Smith
Samantha Spolter

Laurie Tuchman
Penny Turner
Linda Schiffman
Jan Schwartz
Bonnie Shay
Janice Wahnon
Abby Wolff
Cindy Wolfson
Pamela Worth
Lynn Yanow
Tracy Zirin
Debbie Zucker

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A Special Thank You







Stacy & Steve Halpern

Helene & Aaron Paris

Andra & Irwin Press

Viki & Tom Rivkin

Terry Schwartz

Amy & Jim Tuchler

SHALVA supports Jewish women experiencing and healing from domestic abuse,
through counseling, supportive services and community education.