What is Domestic Abuse?

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic abuse is a systematic pattern of power and control for the sole purpose of
manipulating a partner in an intimate relationship. It does not discriminate, occurring equally among all sectors of society. It can happen to people of all racial, religious or socio-economic groups.

Children who grow up in an abusive environment may suffer physically, psychologically, emotionally or socially, and often repeat the cycle of abuse.

There are many types of domestic abuse.

Emotional/Verbal Abuse: Threats, intimidation, derogatory and humiliating comments, blame,
coercion, isolation, brainwashing, using children as a weapon

Economic Abuse: Control over finances, minimal access to money, prohibiting employment,
control of spending on household necessities such as food, rent, monthly bills, school tuition

Electronic Abuse: Use of e-mail, cell phones, text messages, social media (such as Facebook),
navigational tracking devices, computer spy-ware or webcamsto perpetuate harassment

Physical Abuse: Withholding medication, food, sleep, transportation or other necessities,
physical restraining, hitting, shoving, kicking, biting, slapping and choking, destruction of
personal property or pets

Sexual Abuse: Forcing victims into sexual activities against his/her will, harassment, flaunting
extra-marital affairs, withholding sex and/or affection, internet infidelity

Stalking: Following and/or placing person under surveillance thereby causing reasonable
apprehension of immediate or future bodily harm, sexual assault, confinement or restraint

Spiritual Abuse: Undermines religious needs and spiritual beliefs