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Show you CARE Survey

SHALVA Values Your Feedback

We’ve just got a few short questions to understand your experience here, and how we can help moving forward. Your survey responses and identity will be confidential.

Overall, how would you rate the helpfulness of Show you CARE in your situation?

Now that you’ve gone through Show you CARE, how do you feel?

How prepared do you feel to speak with your friend, either to support or to make a referral for help?

How likely are you to recommend this tool to others?

Now I have a better understanding of the definition of domestic abuse, types of abuse, and patterns of abuse.

What things can we improve on?

Need something else?

If you need to speak to someone, our Help Line is open 24/7
773-583-HOPE (4673)

SHALVA is dedicated to increasing community awareness about domestic abuse.